Denholm Universal carry out works for several Energy from Waste (EfW) & Biomass facilities across the UK & Ireland providing shot blasting, boiler cleaning & rope access boiler works during scheduled outages & unplanned activities.

Our services include boiler wall superheater & economiser shot blasting in preparation for non-destructive testing, SA3 blasting for Inconel overlay or welding & application of weldable primers such as Bloxide prior to Inconel overlay application, general cleaning activities, labour resource and rope access cleaning.

Denholm Universal EfW services include…

  • Air Pre-Heaters air lancing
  • Ash Dischargers cleaning & pressure washing
  • Baghouses cleaning with and without rope access
  • Gas Passes blast cleaning of wall tube
  • Super heater & economiser tube bundle blast cleaning and air lancing
  • Grate cleaning
  • Hoppers blast cleaning
  • Rope Access open pass the coarse cleaning & removal of loose refractory and deslag of open
    passes to make safe work area prior to other trades commencing work

  • SA3 blast cleaning in preparation for Inconel overlay
  • Spray application of weldable primers prior to Inconel overlay application
  • De-metaling of undergrate & riddling chutes
  • Walkways and general area cleaning and repainting handrails and walkway markings
  • Hopper deck & overhead crane deep cleaning in tipping halls
  • Grate Bar Refurbishment of grate bars that are deemed repairable
  • Surface preparation and application of specialist hi-temp coating to boiler steel work such as
    hoppers & bag house removable lids.

Boiler Cleaning & Maintenance Services
We carry out internal blast cleaning and maintenance to Energy from Waste & Biomass facilities.

Labour Resource
We supply labour for general duties (Standby man, Cleaning, Labouring) etc.

Environmental Services
Supply and management of environmental service throughout plant outage (high flow vacuum cleaning, pressure washing, waste management).